Weekend Productivity

We built a mudroom. Don’t believe me? Photographic proof:

OK, so it's really just a $40 utility rug, but Prince Charming custom-cut it for the space, including a cutout for the vent. Perhaps it's more of a "nook" than a "room," but "mudnook" sounds weird. Bonus points to any commenter who comes up with a good fake definition for "mudnook."

All day Saturday was spent babysitting these guys:

Grant was a ring bearer in his aunt's wedding this weekend, though he and his cousin (with whom he shared the responsibility) were only in the service long enough to walk down the aisle and then back out (bribed by promises of PEZ from Grandma). Note: babysitting in a skirt is not all that fun. I should have worn pants (but felt uncomfortable wearing pants to a wedding).

And at some point, I cleaned out the closet in the dining room.

There are nearly three shelves available to store stuff here now. I think all of our shared office supplies, as well as the art supplies, will go in here. Right now it's housing light bulbs and the folding chairs. It helped that we moved the free roaming wreaths into plastic containers and put them in the basement storage.

All I’ve got to say is that it’s a good thing we’ve been so productive lately, because classes start on Monday, and I am officially registered! Full time graduate classes – it’s been a while since I’ve taken 3 classes, so I’m actually feeling a bit nervous. But, I know from experience that all I need is the syllabi and an hour with my planner (which I will have to purchase, because I don’t have a 2010 one) to feel better about all the “stuff” that needs to happen.

It’s also a good thing that I’ve still got the rest of the nights this week free, as well as the weekend, because there are some projects I should wrap up before the craziness begins.

You cannot imagine (well, maybe you can) how happy I was to get the email that I was registered (especially when I went to check in the system and it was true!).

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  1. From experience – make sure your shoes don’t ever wind up OVER the vents. No good comes of it.
    The rug looks good.

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