2009 Crafting Review

OK, I have to admit that as I did each mosaic/collage, I thought to myself, I must have done more than this, but I can’t find any pictures of it! Now that I see them all in one place, it seems crazy to have thought that. With a few [noted] exceptions, I only included finished projects. There are a few projects that I have no pictures of, which is a bummer, but that’s life.


Sunbonnet Sue Chores
Sunbonnet Sue "Chores" - there are actually 10 of these, but one of my Flickr pictures is broken. These are all approximately 6x6. I plan on putting them with the ones below and making a quilt.

Sunbonnet Sue Seasons
Sunbonnet Sue "Seasons" - much larger pieces, each the size of a sheet of paper. I like how they turned out.

ornament collage 3
Made for the Ornament Swap

ornament collage 2
Made for the Ornament Swap

ornament collage 1
Made for the Ornament Swap

2009 embroidery
L to R: Christmas pillowcase for me, animal napkins, pillows for the living room, "Normal is boring" kitchen towel, embroidery on a swapped quilt, "china free home" piece for Craftster Challenge, sweetheart Valentine's Day piece, and Love Birds (Sublime Stitching).


MQIAB Swaps 1-4 2009
Mini Quilt in a Bag Swaps 1-4: red and blue (from my sashiko book), minature pinwheels, gigantic log cabins, and a colorful floral.

DQS 6-7 2009
Doll Quilt Swaps 6 & 7: turquoise bricks, diamonds.

Quilts 2009
L to R: finally finished the black and white quilt, made this up for Robert Kaufman Fabrics (as a pattern tester), and my pile of 96 (!) nine patch blocks. I know the nine patches aren't technically finished, since they're not in a quilt, but the quantity demanded that I note them here.


Clothing Collage 2009
L to R: the horrible (now cut up to be repurposed) dress that should have been much cuter, the very lovely (and impeccably stitched) mumu (sadly, stylistically it is not so flattering), and a skirt made with some Japanese fabric I'd been saving for just such a project.

Home Decor

Home Dec Collage 1
L to R: shower curtain and window treatment in bathroom, one pair of curtains (still need a second) in my office.

Home Dec Collage 2
L to R (back sides are shown below the front sides): monogram and sashiko floral, stripes/weave and blocks. All are made from Joel Dewberry's Aviary line.
Pillowcases 2009
A few pillowcases. L to R: for Susan's kids, for Prince Charming this Christmas, and an embroidered one for myself this Christmas (with fabulous velvet ric rac that is *ahem* not iron-safe).


I completed exactly one knitting project this year, a purple “tomato” (eggplant?) baby hat. I have no pictures of it, and finishing it up (it was at least 1/3rd done when I picked it up) spawned a particularly bad tendinitis episode. I don’t see much knitting in 2010.

Miscellaneous Projects

Miscellaneous Sewing Projects 2009
L to R: a new messenger bag (which was a poorly designed pattern in that the strap started to tear away after just one week) and a laptop case (which I still use), a cover for my planner, and my new sewing machine (OK, not a project, but definitely noteworthy).

I hope 2010 can be just as fun (without the mishaps and poor stylistic choices)! I also hope that I will be able to report on having finished those unfinished items mentioned, as well as all of the unfinished pieces that are lingering in my office.