2010: Year of… ?

I am undecided on how to finish the above. There are more than a couple of options, but here’s what I’ve come up with:

2010: Year of the Belt. I’m not a belt person, but occasionally they’re quite popular in the fashion world. I’ve got a lovely dress I made that, unfortunately, looks like a great big mumu (not kidding). It might look cute with a belt. I don’t think I own a belt. Hrm.

2010: Year of Grad School. The stars may shine upon me and in the next 6 days I could be accepted to the program and register for full-time graduate courses (starting next Monday, of course). At the moment, I’m still scrambling (begging, pleading) for recommendation letters, which I didn’t even attempt over the holidays.

2010: Year of Finished Projects. If there isn’t school in my immediate future, I could certainly fill my time with finishing many sewing projects, as well as starting and finishing some on the house. I’m thinking it’d be nice to paint the basement bathroom, and the master bedroom. And then there would be gardening as soon as the ground thaws (at these temps, that will be mid-July), and painting the house. There’s always more to organize, get rid of, make more functional (this past weekend I tackled the dining room closet, and it’s amazing the change; likewise with the significant progress we’ve made on our basement unfinished storage area).

2010: Year of No Complaints, or maybe 2010: Year of Being Happy Every Day. Yeah, right. But I could probably come up with a self-improvement goal that is more realistic. Nothing off the top of my head though.

Here’s what I know for certain. 2010 promises:

  • ‘s 30th birthday in August. The boys turn 1 and 4(!!!) in March and December, respectively.
  • ‘s wedding in June.
  • Our three-year anniversary in September.
  • Our one-year anniversary with our house in May.

Barring unforseeable events, 2010 should also bring:

  • At least one really hot day in the summer.
  • Painting the house.
  • A trip to Chicago in September for my 10-year college reunion and Race for the Cure.
  • More than one batch of cookies baked in our kitchen.
  • My eight year anniversary at this job (on Halloween).
  • Several unfinished sewing, quilting, or otherwise crafted projects.
  • Big house projects that deserve before and after pictures.

So, now you can see that there’s no real focus to any of that. Thoughts?