Thankful - 2009 Edition

It’s not that I haven’t been thankful since before Thanksgiving, but that holidays and other things have gotten in the way of making a public list. But, seeing as how it’s the last day of 2009, I thought I’d write up a little list of all the ways I’ve been blessed in 2009.

  • We bought a house! We sold our townhouse! We love our house (even last night, as I vacuumed a millipede skeleton out of a door frame), and are so happy that it’s ours.
  • I was caffeine-free for all of 2009. That seems like a major accomplishment. (Patting myself on the back now.)
  • Good times, though they were few and far between, with friends. Lots of baking, some shopping, and a skosh of drinking.
  • Two cats who are now friendly enough to snuggle together.
  • Not one but two trips home to visit family in Chicago, and for the time spent and memories made with my grandparents. Also, I’m very thankful that grandpa, at 96, is still completely connected to reality and has most of his faculties.
  • I had a few opportunities to do things for others that completely made their days, and I’m grateful for the opportunity (and the resources) to have been able to do so.
  • A new sewing machine. Bliss!
  • I didn’t gain any weight in 2009. I didn’t lose any, but I didn’t gain either, so I’ll be thankful for that.
  • came into our lives in March, and he’s a totally different experience from his brother, . Both of my nephews have enriched my life in ways I can’t explain.
  • My piano.
  • Job security for both and myself, and all that it has enabled us to do. I’m thankful for the dishwasher, the wine cellar, the washer and dryer, the groceries, the random house projects….
  • I read lots of good books this year.
  • I was also able to participate in a few quilt swaps, and those were a lot of fun (and brought many pretty things into our house).
  • An A in all four classes I took this year. I don’t think I stressed out too much about school, though at times it was quite busy and there was a lot to do. has really been wonderful at taking up the slack when I’m bogged down with school.
  • I kept my allergies under control for most of 2009 (except for the addition of some sinus allergies in the spring, which my doctor quickly diagnosed and fixed). I like not itching.
  • Social networking/media has been something I’ve gotten into this year as well. I’ve been blogging since 2003-ish, but never got more involved than that. I enjoy the new things that Twitter and blogs have opened up for me, and the people I’ve been able to reconnect with through Facebook.
  • I’m actually (not at all modestly) quite thankful for my blog redesign, while we’re on the subject. I love the new look!
  • I’m thankful for all of my friends, for my family, and the other people who make daily life better just by being in it.
  • 2010 has a lot of potential, and that’s exciting.

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