Stay Warm in 2010!

It’s supposed to get very cold tonight. Boo, I say, boo! We will be staying in tonight, as usual. (Perhaps half a dozen times in my life have I had New Year’s Eve plans that took place out of the house. Four of those were youth group things.) I’m hoping to stay up all the way to midnight and share some sparkling wine with in my new champagne glasses (a stocking stuffer* from ), but who knows. The only way I managed to get out of bed this morning was to remind myself that I don’t have to wake up before noon tomorrow.

Of course, I will wake up before noon, but it certainly won’t be at 5:45. is supposed to come over and we’re baking cookies. Or perhaps just making cookie dough. Maybe some of both. I’m toying with the idea of making up a few different batches of cookie dough and freezing it for use later. Seems prudent.

Prudent is the word of the day, don’t you know. called earlier (from Ikea, no less – remember, it’s a 5 minute drive from our house) to check in on my color preference for some shelving/trim, and I said that white was prudent. (I actually meant it, you know, but it sounded funny.)

It was also prudent that I stop playing around in Access. Four hours is enough for one day, and I’ve hit a wall. You don’t even want to know what I’m trying to do, but let me say this: yesterday and today I have totally rocked Access.

We’ll see if I get motivated to come up with any 2010 goals. Right now I’m not even feeling up to wrapping up 2009, and it was a pretty darn good year. Playing in Access (whilst everyone else gallivants around town, because no one else has to work) is tiring. (In between those brief moments of the sheer exhilaration of success are long periods of staring at the computer, thinking, and Googling possible solutions, which is very draining.)

It’s only going to get colder here in Minnesota as we welcome in the New Year. And here I was hoping it’d bring sunshine and rainbows. Guess I should be living in southern California for that. Have a great [long] weekend!

*They’re from Ikea. He assures me that the set of 6 set him back just a couple of dollars. Didn’t want you thinking the wrong thing there.