Christmas Eve was spent at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, which is the only thing to do if you’re in Illinois for the holiday. As is our new tradition, Grandma and Grandpa got all the gifts (the rest of us got $).
Grandpa gets bored sometimes and sorts through old photos. He passed around a box that held this gem in it. That’s Dad there on the right, at the age of 4, with his big sister. Isn’t it darling? Later Dad let me take some oldies that he had, and I’ll share those sometime this week or next week.
Christmas day was spent with Dad and Candy (and Candy’s mom, and the 4 dogs). Dad got a power cord, and was particularly thrilled about it.
Shimmer (I finally learned how to tell the two look-alike dogs apart!) made herself a next of wrapping paper.
Last night, we went to Mom’s to exchange gifts. Upon walking in to the house, everyone realized that Alison and I were wearing the same sweater/scarf set, which we had received from Dad.
Grant liked his alphabet shirt (link below) so much that he ripped off his clothes to put it on. Then there was the obligatory picture-taking. Probably the only year that he’ll think clothing is a cool gift, but I’ll take it. (He had a hard time locating the “g” however, because it’s in lower case on the shirt, and he only knows his upper case letters. Oops.)

The shirt is from my little deer [link removed] (local to Minnesotans).

Joey fell asleep in Mom’s arms while she was wearing her cuddly new robe. Her fiance, Jim, makes his first appearance here on this blog in this pic.
As cool as the matchbox cars, Batmobile, and all of Joey’s toys were to Grant (“mine!”), he was greatly entertained by a box. He pulled the wrapping paper off of one present and shouted, “It’s a box!” He was so happy. Who needs Toys R Us?

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