I’m not feeling particularly bloggy. Perhaps it’s because Google Reader has several hundred blog posts from Tuesday evening to present. Perhaps it’s because random things have made me a bit of a grouch today. Perhaps it’s because a headache is in my forecast. Or, perhaps it’s because I don’t have any Caramel Nut Clusters to help me cope with life. Whatever.

However, I did have an amazingly lovely and wonderful Christmas. We drove down to Chicago on Wednesday – it took nearly 10 hours, which included some longer stops, and while the weather slowed us down, it wasn’t actually all that bad. Just a few cars in the ditch (4, I think), which is pretty remarkable. Christmas Eve was perfect, as was Christmas Day. took pictures for me at both events, so maybe I’ll share. and were thrilled that we spent the holiday with them (seriously, we probably could have gotten away with not bringing a gift, though the one we brought was the best gift ever, and much loved). Grandma and Grandpa were both in great moods on Christmas Eve. We had to leave earlier than preferred on Saturday to try to outrun the storm (which had started overnight, so we didn’t get to say goodbye to because he was already out plowing parking lots), a task at which we were successful. After we hit Madison, the snow stopped and we even saw blue skies and sunlight for a while! We returned home expecting to spend the next hour or so shoveling out our driveway in order to even get my car near the house, but found instead that ‘s dad had shoveled for us! So instead, we loved up on the cats and exchanged gifts between the two of us.

Tonight is the last of the scheduled Christmas celebrations, with and & Co. The decorations are staying up for a bit longer, and I might see how many batches of cookies I can make up this week. I got new cookie sheets from and am excited to use them.

The afore-mentioned headache has finally arrived, so I will bid you adieu until I am in a better frame of mind.