Heart on my sleeve

I’m going to be honest. The thought of not going home to Chicago for Christmas this year makes me want to cry. There is a “huge” weather system on its way here, though reports vary wildly as to when and where and how much. All I’m asking for is that it not hit the Twin Cities until Wednesday afternoon (because we’re leaving before lunch).


That's a reasonable request, right?

I know, we were just there in September, and if I get my Christmas wish there will be many more years of celebrating with my grandparents. We would do just fine to stay at home and exchange gifts and laze about, if need be (though we’d have to brave the weather to buy some food, or risk eating frozen pizza for days on end). I would rather not, though. Also, I would rather not ship the gifts we’ve bought (including the previously mentioned one to and that weighs a ton).


Ornaments. I'll ship ornaments.

My first winter living in Minnesota (2001, I moved here on December 1), there was a huge snowstorm the day I drove home to Illinois for Christmas (back then, both my parents were living there, and was still in college, so she was probably home too). It took forever, driving slowly down the highway behind a snow plow, trying very hard to be patient and not scoot around (because my car would not have handled that well). says that when we went home two years ago for Christmas we had bad weather, but I can’t remember that, and have no blog references to it.


I'm sure he's right. I just don't remember it.

I’m staging a protest.


How about, "every time a bell rings, someone arrives safely at their holiday destination." Ring on!

Maybe Santa could leave some snow tires under the tree for us (I don’t even care which car – I think has most of a set for his), or a transporter so we can avoid the snow altogether. (Not being a Minnesota native, I don’t actually know anything about snow tires, nor have I ever really given them a second thought. I’m not really asking for them. The transporter would be nice, though.)


We have enough firewood to last through the long weekend, if necessary.

OK. I didn’t intend to be so whiny. Christmas will be wonderful, wherever we end up spending it, regardless of what we eat or who we’re with or what we receive. I love Christmas, I really do, and one little snowstorm can’t change that.


from me... to you. Merry Christmas!

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