While getting ready for work this morning, I noticed some huge snow drifts on our deck, which is almost entirely enclosed (so it’s easy to understand how wind would blow stuff in there that ends up caught). I found it mildly amusing that there was one large enough to look like we’d tried to bury someone out there.

And then we had to shovel the entire driveway, just so I could leave for work. had to stay home from work because his car got stuck and… more details that you’d find boring. We should have shoveled the street, which had not yet been plowed, but I decided to try and see if my little car (Ford Focus) could just “do it.” Yeah, well, thankfully a neighbor stopped and helped push my car fully into the street.

The airport officially reported 7″, so that’s what I’m claiming we got too, since we live so very close to the airport. (Seriously, I drive almost past it on my 4 mile drive to the bus stop.) 7″ is a lot to shovel, though I didn’t really have it all that bad. did most of the work. The wind was the worst part. Well, that and the fact that my long underwear is missing, which I so desperately wanted to find since windchill puts us at -10* to -22*. Oh well. I didn’t die. I am quite thankful for my huge, woolly, insulated REI socks. Now if I could only find my boots…. Oh, and a better shovel or two.

I have about 5 minutes left of sewing (closing the seam) on 7 of my 10 ornaments for the swap. The envelopes are addressed, and I just need to write up a short little note to go inside. I even ended up with an extra one somehow, so I’m saving it for me. (To be fair, I spent way more time on that one than any of the others.)

Last night was my last time volunteering at Homework Hub. I thought it ended next week, and it does, but at our location the Tuesday session is canceled due to scheduling conflicts. I enjoyed it, even though at times it was awkward, and I often felt stupid for not being able to complete an elementary school student’s worksheet. (Last night, on a spelling assignment for a first grader, we were supposed to make up four groups for the 20 words on his list. Except that the words weren’t really group-able. It’s not like there were five that ended in -ing, five in -ion, etc. They were totally random. What was the point?)

Also, we forgot to go grocery shopping this week, and now there’s all this snow and we’re not really supposed to drive around a lot. So, looks like mac and cheese for dinner! Too bad our pantry isn’t sufficiently stocked.

Hope the snow has been good to you!