…and that’s why I was so tired this morning.

Friday night, after a fabulous time at the No Coast Craft-o-Rama* with and , I spent an unreasonable quantity of time getting the PowerPoint presentation ready for class on Saturday. (This involved installing the trial version of Office 2007, which wouldn’t activate, among many other things.) It was much too late when I went to bed.

I was wise enough to drive to class on Saturday, and though I had told my group members that I would be there half an hour early, none of them showed up until about five minutes before class. (No worries – the professor gave us over 45 minutes to prep, while the rest of the class twiddled their thumbs. Bummer for them.) I had checked Facebook and saw a status update that warranted a call to . While on the phone with her, I found out that she is now officially engaged (not the reason I called)! Things had been unofficial for quite a few weeks, but on Friday night her boyfriend proposed. The wedding is in June. There was also some other drama on that side of the family that I won’t divulge, but suffice it to say, it was an eventful phone call.

Class went well enough. It was perhaps the first time I did some public speaking where I wasn’t nervous at all. I mean, I’m pretty comfortable with [planned] public speaking, but usually there’s still that little bit of nervousness in my stomach. Not this weekend. Everything went well (once I figured out the technical difficulties), and we got an A. I had already turned in my final exam, so I’m done with class! I don’t think grades will get posted for several weeks, but I’m comfortable in the knowledge that at mid-term I was the one who set the curve.

Saturday afternoon, and I cleaned the garage and managed to make enough space so that he can park in there now! A major accomplishment, for sure, and perfect timing. It’s getting quite cold here, and we’re expecting several inches of snow starting tomorrow. (Boo!)

Sunday afternoon we went to Target. We were thwarted in our attempts to get several things on our list (firewood bin, outdoor clips for hanging Christmas lights), but I did knock out most of one Christmas gift. had the awesome idea that we should skip hanging lights this year (which I was seriously considering already) and purchase lights and hooks/clips right after Christmas, when everything will be on sale. Genius!  This way we can hang the clips/hooks next summer after painting the house, and will just have to string lights after Thanksgiving. We might also figure out a way to get an additional power outlet on the front of the house that will make things much easier.

Then I learned that I still don’t like basil. Oh well. I tried. Really, I did! We did find a new good recipe, that is easily modified to create lots of variety. It was on the AllRecipes.com iPhone app, which is handy if you’re not very good at coming up with things to put on the dinner menu (“Orzo with Parmesan and Basil” if you’re looking – it’s probably on their website too). And then I set up the Christmas tree, which was wonderful and made me smile a lot. I don’t remember exactly who gave me each ornament, but I do remember a lot of them. The whole process reminds me of all the people I have had in my life over the years that have been so loving and caring. It also reminds me of childhood, since I have quite a few ornaments that I made in elementary school.

I’m still hard at work on some small embroidery pieces for the Ornament Swap. Sadly, I will be late, since the mailing deadline is today, but I don’t think I’ll be horribly late. Hopefully just a few days. I have half of them done, and at least a few stitches on the remaining ones. I have only received two so far, and last year several of my 10 partners didn’t send anything out, so I don’t feel too guilty for missing the deadline.

That is probably how I’ll spend most of my free time this week, working on those ornaments. I do have two weeks of Homework Hub left, but no more [personal] homework! My advisor hasn’t responded at all to my application to the program, so I’m assuming things are OK (barring my two missing recommendation letters). I am watching the three classes I want to register for, and they still have double-digits of seats available, so I’m not concerned at this point. It is, after all, a busy time for professors too, so I’m being patient.

I hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas holiday season!

*Purchased: a new Cayenne Peppy [link removed] purse, to replace the one I bought last year at the NCCOR and carried for an entire year, getting compliments all the time, and an alpaca knit scarf that I may or may not be allergic to. Also some foodstuff from the HolyLand Deli and some tamales for dinner.