This is embarassing

This is an update on… last weekend. I know, I know, it’s Friday afternoon. To make up for my delinquency, I have lots of pictures. That makes it better, right?

I really wanted to wait and show you the completed project, but I've been too busy to paint the table, so this is what you get. Prince Charming and I built a table for my cutting mat (which is 3' x 6'). You can't really tell in this picture, but it collapses down against the wall and only takes up about 3 inches of floor space (depth-wise). Of course, it's not getting collapsed anytime soon (as evidenced by the boxes stacked under it, the projects on top, and, oh yes, the TV antenna).

You can see some before shots here and here.

I spent some serious time cleaning and reorganizing my office. One result was that the closet door now comfortably opens and closes, so I could hang my clock up.

This big guy used to be where the new table is, but had to move. (To the right, just out of the picture, is my sewing machine and the window to the front yard, for perspective). It is much more organized than it used to be. Still not gorgeous to look at, but it is a workspace, after all.

But, as you can see in this picture, I still have a ways to go. I did get those shelves mostly organized (except for those bottom two on the right), but managed to dump a whole bunch of misfit stuff on top. Just being real.

When Mom was over, she helped me find some wall space to hang a few things. Here's the updated corner in our living room. (Those ugly lamps - I still need to fix them somehow.) Oh, and she cleaned that window, inside and out, and now it kind of freaks us out how much we can see through it. It's like it's not even there, it's so clean.

I bought that cute Berggen rooster trivet on Etsy a while back and got around to hanging it, while I had the drill out (plaster walls = pre-drilling).

Mom and I started on this project, but only got about 1/3 done and then Prince Charming returned with the freezer and food.

I don’t really have any before pictures of the closet, just this one from when we first moved in. We promptly filled it with boxes and other stuff and I never did clean the shelf that was in there (there were also some rods for hangers, and hooks on the walls). And then we closed the doors. So, we took the doors off, pulled all the stuff out (moved it into appropriate places), and then Saturday night I spent some time removing the shelf and rods and anything else that I could. So it’s not pretty, but it does make the space feel more open.

When we drywall this room, the closet is coming out. As I realized the other day, unfortunately there will be some spots there on the floor where there is no carpeting. We will need to do some magic to work with that, but for now the walls are staying. (Doesn’t it make you want to find a hair metal band poster or three and use some Plastic-Tac to decorate?)

Here's our gorgeous new freezer. Not terribly exciting, but it works, and is such an improvement on the kitchen fridge/freezer situation.

Gorgeous! (On the door there are tomatoes from our garden and apples from the orchard, and on that middle shelf are some of the potstickers we made a while back.) Hopefully we'll slowly add more to our new arsenal.

Later on Saturday night, I did some demo work. I have no before pictures, but see that light bulb at the top? There was an old kitchen cabinet (the rest are scattered in some other rooms in the basement) hanging right there. I mean, the lightbulb had about a centimeter of air space. And the cabinet was basically useless. Where you see black adhesive is where there was a piece of paneling. The rest of the paneling (marked by the brown adhesive) had been removed before we bought the house. Not an aesthetic improvement, but a functional one. I've been wanting to remove that thing for months (and we've only lived here seven months).

Monday night, my Decalgirl order came, and I made my iPhone, Nintendo DS, and HP Mini pretty (they don't match, in case you were wondering). I love the way my netbook looks, but I think I need to make a new case. The brown/cream/orange doesn't really work with the black/white swirlies.

Lastly, wanted to leave a gift for you all.

She really treasures those pom poms. You should feel very special.