I don’t even want a do-over

Monday was just no good. To sum up, it was Monday, I had taken the previous work day off (so my inbox was full), things that were supposed to happen didn’t (to no one’s surprise), my elbow hurt, I had a headache, and I ended the day with a really crappy massage. (Seriously – bad enough that I think I have to call and complain. And I’ve never done that.)

So today was bound to be better. I had a dentist appointment at 8 am (always a lovely way to start the day). Three cavities, after a whole lot of poking at part of my gum that bleeds all the time (oh, by the way, THAT HURTS!). Thankfully, nothing is urgent, so we’re waiting until January because we’ve maxed out our flex spending for 2009.

I’m doing the PowerPoint part (as well as my own speaking part) of our presentation for class this Saturday, which means a whole lot of confusion and forcing my classmates to do their jobs. It is no fun. I’m pretty sure this is going to suck, big time. (Something that was not explained clearly, and that most people do not understand: all of the parts of the presentation are supposed to be Native-American focused or themed. All of them. Yes, that means you too, weather people. Serious boos to the professor who did not explain this, or many other aspects of class, clearly.)

I could complain more, but that wouldn’t be entertaining. (Plus, my blog is now linked on FB, along with Twitter and Flickr and my whole social networking world could collide with my real world at any point. So, let’s keep the complaining to a minimum.)

The home improvement projects from last week are almost wrapped up, and I will have pictures to share soon. The house is partially decorated for Christmas, and Christmas songs have been added to my iPhone.

We didn’t do any Black Friday shopping, though we did buy a freezer on Friday. It’s a beautiful Cadillac of a freezer, but we figure it should last forever. (If you were wondering, it’s an upright Frigidaire, with glass shelves that are fully adjustable and a drawer and lots of door space too. It’s nicer than our refrigerator, frankly.) came over on Saturday because she had some spare time and wanted to help us with any projects we had going on. C took her car over to ApplianceSmart to pick up the freezer (which fit perfectly in the back of her Subaru). The three of us managed to get the freezer into the basement and set up without any injuries. Sunday morning I filled it up and we can actually use the freezer part of our refrigerator now! (It’s ridiculously small, and awkward, and was limiting us on how many frozen pizzas we could own.)

and I got some other small projects done (or at least started), including picking out a few things to hang on the walls (though most of them are still bare) and starting to empty a closet in the family room. I did some demolition after she left – I’ll have to show pictures. (Just because my life is that exciting, I also cleaned the floor on Sunday. So glamorous.)

Tonight I’ve got tutoring at the Homework Hub. It’s also the deadline for applying to the UTP at Metro. And, today happens to be the anniversary of my moving to Minnesota. Eight years!

Sidenote: web-based calendars and email are so very handy! I was able to easily pull up the information I needed for documenting my field experience that I did in 2008, including days and specific hours, and contacts. Yay technology!