A very busy weekend

… and no pictures to show! We worked on some house projects, but they’re not quite finished yet, so I’ll wait until I have some true “after” photos.

I didn’t do any sewing this weekend, but I did take pictures of some. Here are two of my favorites:



Check out all 96 (!) on Flickr.

While we don’t yet have somewhere to put it, we’re temporarily stocked up on firewood, and have been enjoying this several times a week:

Warm and toasty fire! Bring on the marshmallows!

I finished these guys up quite a while ago, but hadn’t taken a picture yet. They’re in the wash now, so maybe we can use them while it’s still appropriately fall-like outside.

Patterns from Sublime Stitching: Forest Friends (and the fox is from... somewhere else - Aunt Martha maybe? I'll figure it out)

I took Wednesday off, so I have a very short work week. I thought I had figured out how I was going to spend my 5-day weekend, but then realized there were other things that needed to get done. We’ll see what wins out.

Happy Monday!