Joy of joys

I might be the only person who cares, but if you’re on the site (and not in the RSS reader of your choosing) and you look over there to the left, you might notice that there is no longer an “uncategorized” category. Or, rather, there are no longer any uncategorized posts. That took a lot of work!  Things may not be perfect, but there are no longer any posts without categories, posts with more than one categories, or otherwise mis-labeled posts. (For drama, let me state clearly that there are currently 2,829 posts on this blog. That is a friggin’ lot of posts! 171 posts left until 3,000 – checked with a calculator before saying that. I’ll do something big then.)

Tags, on the other hand, need some work. That is a much bigger job, though.

(Did you notice in the site redesign that the categories changed? 5 points to the first person who correctly identifies the theme. If you can’t figure out what’s what, mouse over them and a description should pop up.)