Bookmarks for today: More Sewing Links


  • Best Band Ever [link removed] – So, I have a large head, apparently, because it’s hard to find hats that fit, and headbands always give me headaches. One solution? Make your own. Genius!
  • Pleated Purse Pattern [link removed] – I always think I’m going to make a purse, but I never do. I’d like to make this one (but will probably end up buying one at No Coast Craft-o-Rama again this year).


  • Value Quilts Tutorial [link removed] – I love making half-square triangles! This is a bit busy for me, but perhaps in a more monochromatic scheme…
  • Make a Zig Zag Quilt (without piecing triangles) [link removed] – One of these days I’m going to find the spare time to make all of the quilts that I want to. This one is on that list.
  • Recycled Bath Mat Tutorial [link removed] – It’s quilted, but not a quilt. Very cute bath mat.

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