I’m thankful for…

… great weather yesterday that I got to enjoy because it was a State holiday (and therefore I didn’t go to work).

… the Veteran’s Day sale at Savers where all the clothes were 50% off. Seriously. I found two winter/Christmasy sweaters to replace a few that left my closet last year.

… a safe drive home from Building Materials Outlet with a door hanging out the trunk of my car. That Ford Focus is so handy! (However, the other door we need, the bigger one, will never fit in my car.)

… spaghetti squash for dinner tonight (mixed with angel hair pasta and spaghetti sauce).

… pumpkin spice creamer that so thoughtfully bought for me on Tuesday. Oh, and the chocolate bar.

… some great conversations at Homework Hub this week.

… Vitamin C and its healing properties (I’m super-dosing on Emergen-C right now, warding off a cold quite successfully).

… lots of success in Microsoft Access 2007 this week. Just one failure (albeit a medium-sized one that is quite frustrating, but I will prevail!).

… a smooth blog re-design. I haven’t heard any complaints, and nothing seems to be broken. It’s all I could ask for.

… a husband who vacuumed the kitchen floor when I put the leftover cornbread in plastic wrap on the counter, which led to finding it and destroying it. (Just a bit sad that I didn’t have cornbread for lunch today.)

… happiness in the lives of those I love.

… nail files. (Lots of broken nails this week.)

… keeping my cool this week (several times) even when I wanted to lose my temper and say snarky (and inappropriate) things.

… the ease at which I learn and come to understand certain computer-related things.  (I’m frequently reminded of how hard life is for those who just don’t get computers. Frustrating, too.)

… the replacement hard drive in my netbook, and the easy Windows 7 install.

… my new iPhone and all the joy it has brought me, especially times when I would have otherwise been bored (though I have to say that my embroidery has been left by the wayside, and I should really not let that happen).

… my elbows which feel much better this week. I’m actually not wearing my brace today at work, and didn’t have to take Advil either. (Now if I can figure out what quantity of knitting I can do at what frequency so as to not inflame the tendons, that would be awesome.)

… sugar cookies with frosting.

… those who repeatedly turn to me for fashion advice even though I can’t really dress myself all that well. I’m excellent at dressing others. I like it when other people acknowledge that. (Clarification – by “others” I mean women. Apparently this gift of mine does not work on men.)

… the list of Christmas gift ideas that is more than half full.

… a fully functional fireplace in our bedroom. We’ve used it several times already.

Just a few of the things I’m thankful for right now. What about you?