Bookmarks for today: Crafts for the home

Some things I’ve bookmarked recently:

  • Clothespin Bag Tutorial [link removed]- Did your mom have one of these while you were growing up? Mine did (and does). Of course, I don’t have an outdoor clothesline, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting one, or wanting to make this cute bag.
  • Furniture Makeover – Cover Computer Chair [link removed] – I somehow think my Ikea desk chair would not turn out nearly as well as this, but I’d love to give it a try!
  • How To Sew/Make A Pillowcase [link removed] – Bookmarked because the dimensions I usually use to make pillowcases are a bit on the large side, and I think I need to find better ones. Making your own pillowcase is so easy and fun, and they even make great gifts!
  • Scrap Buster Fall Pillow [link removed] – OK, everyone on the internet is in love with this and is making their own, and I guess I’m just like everyone else.
  • Easy Pelmet Boxes [link removed] – I’ve been trying to think of a way to do this without it seeming so… well, contrary to our style of decorating. We’re not really swirly-girly people. Love the idea, though!
  • Magnetic Knife Rack [link removed] – Too cute. I think I’d get pinched fingers if I tried to remove the case on ours.
  • Roman blind tutorial in 20 pictures or less [link removed] – If we didn’t have plastic on the window in our bedroom, I might have already made these up. Some day…. (I have all the fabric and supplies.)
  • Oven Mitt Pattern [link removed] – Who needs some for Christmas? I’ll make ya one. (We don’t really need any.)
  • Oven Hand Mitt Tutorial [link removed] – Much smaller oven mitts, but quite cute!
  • Top Gear Telly Cushion [link removed] – Know someone who loves Top Gear? A project perfect for under the Christmas tree.

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