Oh me, oh my!

Friday night as I was on my way home, called to let me know that our street was blocked off and I’d have to park on the street, and that we didn’t have water. Apparently a water pipe broke and now our next door neighbors have a huge (seriously, it’s big) hole in their front lawn. We went out for dinner, I bought an iPhone, and when we came home the water was back on.

Saturday, after yet another class in which I wondered, why is this class 2 1/2 hours long when there’s only 5 real minutes of class (and we got out early, which just messed up my plans and annoyed me further), I drove up to ‘s house to pick up the last remaining item we had in storage there. It was the ginormous cooler that we bought for the wedding and then stored a bunch of camping supplies in. We had a nice chat, and I forgot to bring home firewood. (And one of these days, I’m going to have photographic proof that we have working fireplaces that we use. Today is not that day.)

I also made up 24 (!) nine patch blocks, which brings my total to somewhere near 100. Now math becomes involved.

Sunday morning we finished up the yard work (raking and a small bit of weeding), and then I mowed. Mother Nature blessed us with gorgeous weather, in which the sun actually shone. Amazing, I know. I had complained last week that we have almost no pictures of the two of us, which makes it extremely difficult to try to design a Christmas card. So, while the sun was shining, the yard looked beautiful, and our neighbor’s truck wasn’t parked in front of our house, we took some very cheesy photos of us in front of the house.

How very stereotypical of us.

But the real excitement came a little before noon today. I’ve hinted before at some behind the scenes work I’ve been doing on this blog. This involved looking at every.single.post I’ve written and editing the vast majority of them. This morning I finished the last of the editing, which means I am now ready to roll out the new template. It’s all very exciting (to me, at least, since I’ve been working on this for months). The update means that my blog is now safe to post on Facebook, that I no longer have to be worried about someone I know finding it, and that things are generally a bit cleaner. There are probably still some kinks to work out, but it’s here, in all its glory. (If you’re reading this in an RSS reader of some sort, you may want to just hop on over and take a look at the new site design.)

Hope your Monday is as wonderful as possible!