The Friday Five

  1. Which one is more irritating- being too hot or being too cold? Being too cold. I hate being cold.
  2. Were you born in the winter or the summer? Summer.
  3. What are your favorite foods to eat when you need to warm up and cool down? Hot cocoa for warming up. Pop (on a glass over ice) for cooling down.
  4. Which one are you more likely to suffer from – hay fever or flu – and does it run in your family? Seasonal allergies. I don’t think I’ve ever had the flu. Seriously. (Well, I haven’t thrown up since I was 7, and rarely run a fever. How would I know if I had the flu?)
  5. You are granted a day of perfect weather whenever you like. What day do you place it on and why? The middle of February – whichever weird holiday it is that State employees have off. February is miserable and grey and boring, and I could always use a perk-me-up then.