Some pictures for you

All sorts of randomness to share with you. I should probably do multiple posts, but… that sounds like a lot of work.

First, last Wednesday and I went to Home Depot to solve some minor irritating things in our house.

We added TWO shelves to our pantry. Can you imagine how awkward it was with only three shelves? Cost for 2 shelves: $13.

I’ll spare you a picture of the other project – a new toilet seat for my bathroom ($20). [Editor’s note: in case you were wondering, like I was, how to pick out a toilet seat, let me help you out. All you need to do is measure the depth of your current toilet seat. It will be either 16″ or 18″. That’s the only number you need to make sure that the new toilet seat fits.] Less than $35 made a world of difference. Sometimes the little projects are more satisfying than the big ones.

Next, even though it’s November, we’re still reaping the fruits of our gardening experiment.

"Vine-ripened" tomatoes

I did some research (a bit too late in the season) and learned that bananas emit the same gas that tomatoes do when they're ripening (and consequently, letting them hang out together makes the tomatoes ripen faster). I really didn't think that all these tomatoes would get ripe, but there you have it! (They're hanging out with a towel over them when they're not being photographed, as they are to be kept in a room temperature space without sunlight, and I pretend that the towel keeps the ripening agent close by.)

Lastly, does anyone else have this problem? surely must be able to relate.

Less than six months old! It doesn't even get heavy usage. Do you know how hard it is to find styling items for thick hair in the first place? And then they break? So annoying.

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  1. I think you need to teach me to attach that clip to my hair before I can relate, my hair usually just laughs at those things

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