… Coffee-Mate Creamer.

… easy homework this week.

… ice packs that completely fixed my tendinitis issues.

… heating blankets.

… the Orkin service person who is coming tomorrow to take care of the mouse (and bug) problem. Also, for getting Friday afternoon off work.

… the chimney service person who is coming next Tuesday to clean the chimneys and tell us we can use our fireplaces.

… parking in the garage.

… a husband who will cook dinner when I don’t want to.

… excitement about Halloween this year; we think we’ll actually have trick-or-treaters!

… an easy database upgrade today (from Access 2000 to 2007). You never know.

… Walgreens Caramel Nut Clusters. I know I’ve talked about them before, but they really help me get through a long workday sometimes.

… successful shopping last night. More details later, when I’ve taken a picture.

… Mr. Clean multi-purpose spray (and others of its kind).

… helpful friends.

… a blog redesign that is almost ready to be unveiled.

… 20 dozen cans of pop (give or take a few), 4-ish dozen bottles of Gatorade, and one dozen bottles of iced tea that all fit into the pop machine that lives in our garage. Coincidentally, we now have half of a shelf freed up in the refrigerator.

… Icy Hot and Advil. (Man, do I sound like I’m broken or what? Just a bad run of it lately.)

… being past the halfway point of the semester.