4 hours I’ll never get back

It was probably closer to 5, but whatever. Yesterday after lunch I went over to JoAnn to buy the zipper that had me stalled on the Amazing Fit Pants (Simplicity 0569). The pattern includes a lot of couture tips, which means that the pants are turning out really well, but they’re taking forever to complete. As of last night, I have the front partially sewn together, front pockets sewn in, and the zipper installed. Let me tell you about that zipper. It’s a fly-front (like jeans or many dress pants), which means there are about a zillion additional steps to follow, as if installing a zipper isn’t hard enough. And, to state the obvious, the fly is right there in the front for everyone to see, so every single little mistake is clearly visible.

This led to the ripping out of the left side of the zipper about 6 times (I don’t exaggerate here). The right side went in fine, but that left side, man oh man. It is now installed, as well as the flap that sits behind it (to protect your delicate skin from those mean zipper teeth), and it looks good. Darn good. And I’m sure that if I were to make these pants a second time (I’m really hoping they turn out well so that I can), it won’t take me nearly as long. But gee whiz! Several episodes of Stargate SG-1 (currently on Hulu) kept me entertained (and from losing my sanity).

The next step in the pattern was to start in with the back side, so instead of getting consumed by that (it was now 7:30), I went downstairs to watch football and attempt to knit. I haven’t knit in… many months, but I’m feeling the desire to start back up (I think it’s fall – it has that affect on many people). I have to be cautious, because knitting aggravates my tendinitis, which is no fun. I was trying to find a wip (work in progress) to complete, but the one I was looking for was nowhere to be found, so I settled on a infant hat that I started for ‘s daughter (who is now 2 1/2 – clearly the hat is no longer for her). Much to my surprise, I finished the hat last night! It was about half done, and baby hats are a fairly quick knit. It’s like the tomato hat I knit for , but I made it in purple instead of red, so it’s an eggplant hat. Quite cute. The next baby born is getting it. (I hope to take pictures soon – I have no pictures of the tomato hat, and it was kind of ruined by a growing boy and his love for his hat.)

So that was Sunday. Saturday was spent making Cinnamon Rolls with (or for her, actually), napping, and then going out to a birthday celebration for a friend of ‘s. Busy weekend, but nice, and made possible by fall break, which is now over, and I have to start doing homework again. Boo.