I… don’t learn

You’d think that a person with a 4.0 GPA (OK, 3.96) wouldn’t be saying something like that. Clearly, it’s not true, right? Especially someone who wants to be a social studies teacher, a genre where people are often found saying, “if we don’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat it.”

And yet, and yet… I don’t learn.

I keep a fairly long list of favorites in Etsy. Sometimes they’re inspiration to make something myself (note I said inspiration, not copying), but more often they’re things I wish I could buy or want to buy. And Etsy has an excellent Vintage section, where I often find things I like. Lots of the items are available many times over (as in, if someone buys it, the item is re-posted, because the seller really has 25 of them). Vintage items? Not so much. Vintage items are usually one of a kind.

And I know this. I’ve browsed through my Etsy favorites and found vintage things on my list bought by others and have felt sad about it. I even said aloud, “I need to remember to just buy vintage items if I really want them, before someone else does.”

But did I follow this advice of my own? No, no I did not. And I just browsed through my Etsy favorites and found several Vintage items that have been sold. And now I am sad.

Maybe now I’ll learn my lesson? We’ll see.

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