I’ve recently gotten back in touch with some people I knew when I lived in Michigan. That was… a lifetime ago (OK, 8 years this December). I don’t think I can adequately express how happy I am to be back in touch with these people. My time in Michigan, while short (17 months), was rough, and these are the people who were right there in it with me (actually, more so, as I was really rather peripheral to the whole deal). We lost touch after we all moved away (yes, multiple people moved away from the… situation), and that was understandable (who wants to be reminded of all that? sometimes it’s just easier to leave it in the past). But, I really do cherish these people, and getting in touch with them, being able to look at their pictures and find out what’s going on in their lives (it is Facebook, afterall), well, it’s no substitute for the hug I want to give them, but it will definitely do. I am so happy to learn that their lives have been so blessed in the last eight years (lots of babies, some marriages, people going through high school and graduating from college – yes, some former youth group kids).

I wanted to share some photos with you, but that was back loooong before the days of digital cameras, so I don’t have much in Flickr, but I do have a few (my apologies for the crappiness – they’re scans). Enjoy!

Mom took this one sometime in the first month I lived there – the sanctuary of the church I worked at. My office is through a door off the choir loft to the right (it was also the church library – ah, the joys of small churches).
Me with some of my youth group girls. Those middle two are ones I just got back in touch with. Yes, I had some bad at-home dye jobs in the late 90s and early 2000s.
Me in the church van (that I drove for six months, kind of without permission, while my car was broken). I think I look so happy because I’m obviously having a good hair day. However, I just realized that I think I’m wearing overalls in this picture, and am now a bit horrified to remember that I used to do that. At least there wasn’t a plaid flannel shirt to go with….