For the record…

… I would be really happy if people would stop talking about health care reform, to me, around me, within earshot.

… tonight I start volunteering at the library’s Homework Hub. Supposedly at my library the age group is elementary school, and everywhere kids need help with math. This could go very poorly.

… I left my tennis elbow brace at home, and consequently need to use it. Murphy’s Law.

… if I could figure out how to hem the sleeves, I would have completed the shirt I was working on this weekend. Alas, they looked like crap and I had to rip out the stitches.

… from the afore-mentioned shirt-making experience, I learned many things. Working with knits can be fun, but is an awful lot of work. Trying to make it all pretty on the inside by doing French seams makes the whole project take twice as long (or three times as long), and is really a waste of time when using knits. Necklines are still troubling, but I got one finished, at least.

… since I have lots more knit fabric to work with, I logically started making a dress out of cotton. Really, I just needed a break from the frustration of working with knits.

… the tomatoes that we’re growing are still quite green. Very pretty, and healthy-looking, but green. The weather is trying to cooperate this week with some heat, but we may end up having to ripen them inside.

… we need to figure out the best way to preserve the bounty of hot peppers we’ve grown (chili, red, jalepeno, if I remember correctly). Any thoughts?

… I said this on Twitter, but I’ll say it here too: while I enjoy the Tonight Show with Conan, there is no good reason to stay up that late on a weeknight. The good does not outweigh the bad consequences (I’m so tired today I’m tempted to take a little nap at my desk).

… I’m not pregnant, nor do I have any plans to be in the short or medium-term future. No one has asked me or pressured me about this for at least 24 hours, so perhaps that declaration was unnecessary.

… I’ve given up on getting a new cell phone, and lost interest in finding a new digital camera. None of the options make me happy.

… it’s still lovely to have a piano in our home. And we still love our home (maybe a little bit less when faced with fast-moving red multi-legged bugs while vacuuming – we really need to do something about the bug problem).

… it’s Farmer’s Market Tuesday. Yay!

Anyone else feeling the need to go on the record about anything?

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  1. Who isn’t bugging me about kids? I have a wonderful co-worker who is convinced I need to birth babies now. My in-laws don’t say anything, but… I know. So, the short list of who isn’t includes you, A, Prince Charming, and my family. (And who knows, a grandma may start in soon….)

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