Surprisingly NOT Labor-free

We spent a great portion of our Labor Day… doing manual labor around the house. But let’s back up a bit.

Saturday morning, and I drove into Minneapolis together. I went to class, and he went to the State Fair, meeting up with and her boyfriend and his kids. They had a blast. I… was in class. We drove immediately from there to a Target, where we changed into our dress clothes in the bathroom, and picked out a “congrats on your marriage” card, and then were off again. It was a lovely wedding, complete with a bride wearing a huge smile (I don’t know if I’ve seen a happier bride), and was a full (read: long) Catholic service. That was a first. We got caught up with some of ‘s family, which included me meeting some of his aunts and uncles for the first time. We got home before 10 pm, so that was a pretty full day.

Sunday involved less sleeping in than I would have preferred, but the idea of chocolate chip waffles caused me to crawl out of bed shortly before 9. I don’t know what I was thinking. We decided to finally get started on the kitchen cabinet project, as well as tackle the switches/outlet project. After a trip to Home Depot, we were ready to start on our sample cabinet (we are lucky enough that one of the kitchen cabinets was removed by the previous owner and is sitting in the garage, so we can test stain and sanding and so forth on it, instead of on a real cabinet). It appears that sanding will be the worst part of this project, but that thankfully we can do it in small bits, rather than all at once.

I’m pretty sure we did other stuff on Sunday, but for the life of me I can’t remember what. I probably sewed something.

Monday, the Day of Sloth, I slept in until the glorious hour of 10:30. It was heaven. Then I got out of bed and started the polyurethane part of the cabinet-refinishing process, followed by mowing the lawn. After lunch, we decided to knock out that switch/outlet project.

To clarify, the switch/outlet project started quite a while ago, when I went to Home Depot and bought a bajillion outlet and switch covers. Less than half of the switches and outlets in our house were white, and many of the ivory ones were… beyond hideous. Since replacing them involved turning off all the power to the house for an extended period of time, there was some hesitation to get this project done. But, the knowledge that daylight hours are waning got us motivated.

With one 15 minute break to apply more polyurethane, we put last of the covers back on just before 7 pm. It was a huge project, suffice it to say. (Did you know our house is quite large? And very well covered with switches and outlets, considering the age of the house.) did most of the work, which in some instances included grounding outlets that weren’t previously grounded. We were so tired by the end that we left two or three un-grounded, and we didn’t do ‘s bathroom either (four switches and one GFI, the latter of which is apparently no fun at all).

So, if you come over, be sure to remark on how nice the new outlets and switches and plates look. It was a lot of work.

Then, even though we were tired and hadn’t had dinner yet, we headed out of the house. We were in search of malts, which we did not find at Panera, but DQ had acceptable ones. We also went to JoAnn, even though I didn’t really want to. However, since drapery lining was all on sale 50% off only through the weekend (Monday included), and then my 10% off your entire purchase coupon was only good through Monday, it was kind of important to go. After doing some math, we figured out that we needed to buy 13 yards of drapery lining. That is a lot of lining. They used a special machine and everything. It was rewarding to see the receipt where we saved $42 and spent only $37. I love getting things for more than half off. (Mental note: watch for a good sale before buying fabric for that sliding glass door. It alone requires 10 yards of 54″ wide fabric. Ouch.)

And then dinner, and it was basically time to go to bed. Exhausted. But, it was a good weekend. We started a project that we had said we would start September 1st (only a few days late), and got another project done that needed to be done. That feels good.

I know that fall weather is on the way, but if we could get a few days of heat, my tomatoes would really appreciate it. I’m quite sure that they want to turn red, but lack the appropriate environmental conditions to do so.

Also, today is our two year anniversary. Can you believe it? Two years ago today, at a church in St Paul, we were freaking people out that we were both so calm and relaxed, and not at all nervous. Oh, and then professing before all of our loved ones our commitment. And playing some kickball. And driving to Duluth. Good times, good times. We’re going to McCormick and Schmick’s tonight to celebrate – I made reservations and everything. My father-in-law gave me a gift certificate for my birthday, so we get to dine without spending much money.