… that this [work] project will soon be over.

… for all the Caramel Nut Clusters that have helped me make it through this week.

… for the Aunt Martha’s cookies brought home for me from the State Fair.

… that I was raised to filter the thoughts in my head before saying them aloud or putting them on paper. It means I still have a job.

… for new plugins to install on my blog, even if I don’t know how they work just yet (or why I might want to use them).

… that the cats have learned, quite quickly, that they no longer get to sleep in bed with us, which consequently means I get a full night’s sleep again.

… the internet, and its seemingly limitless ability to allow one to whine, complain, rant, or otherwise express one’s self (even if what one needs to express is only because the internet exists).

… the foresight to decide to buy lunch today instead of having my usual apple and yogurt. I am quite excited about that.

… for corduroy pants.

… for finally getting all the way caught up in Google Reader.

… for letting myself skip a story in the Legends II collection I’m reading right now. I really wasn’t interested in 75 pages about Dunk and Egg (and yes, those are seriously their names).

… that it only cost $150 to fix my car, and now the power steering again is smooth and usable. And that I might have found a repair place to take it to when other things go wrong.