Internet things I could do without

I adore the internet. I really do. It makes much of life easier and more fun. I could wax poetically, but I won’t.

However, there are a few things that really annoy me, and since I just saw yet another one of them (and started to get a bit twitchy), I thought I’d share my short list.

Using lurve instead of love.

Other horrible intentional misspellings of words, like rawk.

Abbreviations for very crude sayings, like pmsl.

Woot. (The word, not the site.)

Why is it that women all across the globe feel the need to shout Squeeee! whenever they are talking about something cute. Ish.

Letters to my kid at X months old. I get it. You love your kid. You want to talk about your kid. That’s totally cool with me. But the letter thing is getting a little overdone. As a non-parent, I don’t find it interesting. I find it to be a skip-able post.

References to family members as DD, DH, DS, etc. I would much prefer My Darling Pooky-Bear. Seriously.

People writing tutorials for crafty things that have already been tutorial-ized a dozen times, just because they couldn’t find one, or thought their pictures were prettier. (I admit this one is kinda petty. Forgive me.)

Abbreviating certain words, like 4 for “for.” (That was an awkward phrase to construct.) If you’re not texting, or limited by Twitter’s 140 characters, there is no reason to being so lazy as to not type the extra two characters.

At the moment, squeeee! and lurve annoy me the most. Maybe I could write a Greasemonkey script to remove all of those words from sites I’m visiting. No, I probably couldn’t. Or, perhaps I could, but I would lose interest long before completing such a project.

3 Replies to “Internet things I could do without”

  1. Oh my goodness. I can’t believe I forgot one of the worst offenses: whinging or whingeing. It’s whining, people. There is only one “g” in whining. There is no “g” in whine. Why is that so hard?

    1. Awesome. I have never had a good nickname. Glad to acquire one at age 31.

      (The nicknames albino, cherry hair, green bean, and red are not good nicknames.)

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