Weekends go by quickly these days

I knew that taking a Saturday morning class would kinda put a damper on my weekends this semester, and I was OK with that. Education means sacrifice, and this is the one I chose (alternately, I could have chosen the Thursday night class, and then I’d be complaining about that instead), so I’ll keep the complaining to a minimum. It’s really not that bad, since I don’t have to wake up too early on Saturday, and I get home by 1:30, so I don’t really lose that much time. Sometimes it feels like it, though. For example, weekends seem much shorter.

At any rate, outside of class, my weekend was very normal and new homeowner appropriate (tomorrow marks 4 months in our house – can you believe it?). We bought lime for our yard, to bring down the acidity (and hopefully squelch the mushrooms and moss that are growing in the grass). I pruned the tomato plants and one of the lilac bushes (it’s so easy to get in the zone while pruning – I would have kept going, even though I was tired, but I got a big blister on my thumb that halted all work). I cut all of the daylilies to the ground. Before you go getting all upset about that last one, note that 1) they were way overgrown, having spread outside of the edged-in garden area, and 2) they will grow back in about two weeks, and be the perfect size (hopefully) for digging up and giving away. I just don’t like them that much, and though they are low maintenance, they take up a ton of space in our garden area that could be better utilized. I hope that and will take most of them, but I think I’ll be bringing them in to work and giving them away to strangers on the street. To give you an idea of how many daylilies we have in our garden, our yard waste bin ins 75% full of what I cut off (and we’d already cut down one section a few weeks ago).

hurt his back while doing some heavy lifting on Sunday. One of his co-workers agreed to take our deep freeze (chest freezer) from the basement (it runs, but the thermostat is broken, so it runs constantly, and this person is going to modify it somehow for a keg or something, so the thermostat was already going to be replaced – seems like a great plan), which involved, naturally, getting the freezer upstairs and out of the house. It’s not that large of a freezer (I’ve seen much bigger), but still heavy. So, he spent part of the night sitting on the couch icing his back. The up side is that there’s now a large (very dirty – trying to ignore that) space in the basement where we can put a fridge and an upright freezer. So, we’ll be watching Craigslist….

I also made some headway on a shirt that I’m making for myself, though not much. I’ve re-done the neckline three times now, though I think this is the last.

Also, I finally started on my Doll Quilt Swap 7 quilt. I made up some no-waste half-square triangles, which are my favorite.

The only thing I don't like is that after sewing, cutting apart, and pressing, there are all these extra corners sticking out that need to be cut off (I've tried not cutting them off, but they add way too much bulk and are too awkward to deal with). That is annoying.

I used part of two charm packs that I had laying around, Moda’s Sultry and Objects of Desire, but I pulled out the ones that were blue for a project for our dining room (we have a new sideboard / table in there that has a rather large burn mark from a candle on it, and I am not optimistic enough to think that I will refinish that any time soon). I think it should turn out good, though I’m not sure the scale of my half-square triangles is right for a mini quilt. We’ll see soon enough.