Thursday? Really?

Things have gotten busy at work, and at some points are quite harried, leaving us support staff confused, running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Several “heart attacks” were only avoided by the slightest of margins.

But, you don’t really want to hear me talk about work.

I did manage to upload some photos to Flickr this week, so I can tell you a few crafty things.

Last week, in an effort to feel prepared for school, I organized my ribbon. I know, it doesn’t sound like those two things are related, but trust me, they are. In the pre-school rush of energy, I decided some things needed to be cleaned. There was some significant vacuuming, some organizing, that sort of thing. Sometimes, nothing makes me feel so at peace as some quality time spent organizing very tiny things. Laugh, if you must, I don’t care.

Organized Ribbon

I have made some progress on the curtains for my office.



Yes, that’s right, I have one whole panel completed (of 4 – two per window). In truth, I have the fronts and backs of the panels (they’re reversible) all ready and the bottom hem has been sewn on the other three. It’s just the side seams and the top part that is stalling me, mostly because of the way I decided to design them that is turning out to be the most awkward way ever, and involves math. Ugh. But just the one, doesn’t it look pretty?

Acorn season has mostly come to an end, for which we are very thankful. There are only so many times you can shovel up inches of acorns before you start to question the value of the very old, very beautiful oak trees in your yard. Hopefully, the squirrels and these guys won’t spend much more time digging up our yard, planting their winter bounties:

One of many chipmunks that loooove our Oak trees

I’ve also made two pillows for the living room (no pictures yet), and am part-way through another three (had to order a bit more fabric, sadly). I’ve been throwing ideas around in my head trying to figure out what to make for my partner for Doll Quilt Swap 7 (the deadline is coming up mid-September). Oh, and I’ve done some embroidery, and started making some work clothes. And thrown around color schemes for the master bedroom. Nothing terribly exciting.

Now, if you don’t mind, I must get back to proofreading a 12 page list of names and phone numbers. Or maybe the 30 page contract. Or maybe uploading stuff to the new website. There are so many exciting options, it’s hard to choose.