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Email from one of last semester’s professors requesting copies of my papers because they were the “best in the class.” (He did not say “one of the best” or “some of the best.” He said “the best.”) It should be noted that this is the only professor in the past… 4 years (14 classes) who has chosen to give me an A minus instead of an A. I am torn between feeling flattered, humored, annoyed, and just plain confused.

Phone call from the woman who’s standing in for the program advisor (who is presumably out on pregnancy leave or something). It took several attempts to get her to understand exactly which program requirement I’m trying to meet, though it’s not that difficult of a thing. In the end, she wasn’t sure if the class I want to take will transfer or not, so she’s going to call me back. I am losing faith in the system at this point.*

Next up: meeting with my advisor (who taught a class I took in 2007 and also requested copies of my papers – does no one know how to write anymore? I cannot possibly be the only one) who is going on Sabbatical for a year starting next week. Apparently there is some paperwork to be done or something. Conveniently, I really liked this professor (there have been only a few at Metro that I can say this about), and so it should be an enjoyable hour (or half hour – I have no idea how much time he’s blocked off for this meeting).

Still outstanding: actually registering for fall classes, which may or may not include applying to another local college. Contacting one of the assistants for the advisor for all post-baccalaureate students (yes, that means I have 3 advisors – this is seriously messed up) to make a meeting with him (the advisor, not the assistant). An email sent mid-July has been ignored.

All this while working in an Access database that is so painfully slow I have nearly five minutes to waste every time I switch between “Design” and “View.”

*The program sheet I have says that I need to take either 332 or 380 to meet the Native American studies course requirement. I signed up for 332, which was canceled due to low enrollment. 380 has not been offered the entire time I’ve been at Metro. Just today I see on the website that the requirement has been changed to be either 232 or 332, and they are offering 232 this semester. It’s full. Bite me.

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  1. At my alma mater, Western Illinois University, the administrative building was called Sherman Hall. We used to call what you are experiencing, the “Sherman Shuffle”. You keep getting shuffled around with no answers and under a deadline to get something fixed because you are on your coffee break, or break in between classes, to get this darn thing fixed. I used to hate that feeling of powerlessness that it caused in me. Luckily, my department’s secretary and head used to help a lot of the art students through this administrative mess. Good luck, and I hope everything works out soon for you.

  2. Kelly, you probably are a better writer than many people. I’m still reading your blog after all these years…

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