Bookmarks of late – Very Random

Some things I’ve bookmarked recently:

  • Do working women get lower quality sleep than men? [link removed] – And some people think it’s strange that I don’t want to birth children right now….
  • I love you Blogs & Coffee poster. « Create H Interior Design [link removed] – ♥
  • Study: Redheads’ extra pain may cause fear of dentists – [link removed] – For anyone who thinks that my fear of childbirthing is irrational, I’m fighting back with this info. Plus, I can back it up – it takes an extra half hour for Codeine to work for me, and extra time at the dentist for things to get numb (ask me how I know).
  • Drumsticks [link removed] – I’m so in love with this idea. Now, if only the sun would shine and warm us up a bit to make it seem worth the effort….
  • Pig Corn Holders – BBQ & Grilling – Cost Plus World Market [link removed] – Anyone else find these disturbing?

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