Getting our Party On

Last night, we had what seemed like an epic success in a gardening project (of which I don’t have pictures, and it wouldn’t make sense if I tried to explain it, but trust me, it was awesome) that was amazingly wrapped up by 7:30. In recognition of the fact that 1) it was still early, and 2) I was not actually covered in mud, dirt, twigs, etc., I continued with my original plan and went over to Hancock Fabrics.

Background: I spent over an hour and a half at JoAnn on Saturday night looking for home decorating fabrics. It’s a very difficult thing you know, especially since there are so many fabrics I love on the internet but I don’t trust the colors and textures to be exactly as I imagine them, and it is very important to have color coordination in this project. Also, there were tons of fabrics that I loved in store that either 1) I was pretty sure I would be the only member of our household who thought they were pretty, or 2) totally didn’t go with the color scheme I’ve got going on. Alas. All of that equals a very long time in JoAnn. (Thankfully, I did walk out with some great home dec fabric that was on sale, and all of it was approved-of by all household members.) Two yards of a red suede-like material for the piano bench, and two yards of a turquoise canvas for the dining room chairs (only needed half a yard for the piano bench and one yard for the chairs, but I thought it would be prudent to have extra, in case no one else liked what I picked out). The former was on sale for $7/yard, and the latter for… (doing math… 40% off of $9.99) $5.99/yard. So, quite cheap, all things considered.

Unfortunately, I did not find the fabric I was looking for that would be perfect for new curtains in our bedroom. Well, that’s not exactly true. I found some gorgeous silk Dupioni and a beautiful faux Dupioni (Shantung, I believe), but neither were on sale, and I wasn’t feeling the $15.99/yard vibe. Seeing as how we are not in desperate need of new curtains (there is a very ugly, but completely functional, roman blind hanging up right now), I just could not justify the expense. I was sad until I remembered that I now live quite near Hancock Fabrics.

So, back to last night. I went to Hancock Fabrics and once again spent way too long in a fabric store. However, I did find exactly what I was looking for. Kind of on sale, but… not enough to just impulse purchase. I took woefully inadequate pictures on the sly with my phone, of the price tag, the color, and texture, so that I could get approval. After wandering around the store for quite some time after that (there were sales that needed to be explored, and I had nowhere else to be, and I was trying to forget that I wanted to consume DQ), I happened upon the home decor remnant table.

And the heavens opened up and angels sang and all was right with the universe.

That is to say, right there on the table was the afore-mentioned perfect fabric, in the right color, sitting there asking me to take it home.

And so I did. For $2.99/yard, you don’t argue with fabric. You just do what it says.

So I now have 3 yards (!! way more than I needed, but at that price, I’ll figure out something to do with the rest of it) of chocolate brown silk Dupioni for less than $10. (Needless to say, I was unable to forget about DQ and we celebrated my find with Blizzards.)

Now, of course, there’s still lining fabric and hardware and a pulley system (they need to be functional blinds), but it is a great start towards having beautiful window treatments. I’m going to attempt Roman shades, which should be beautiful in the Dupioni. I’m still figuring out the proper embellishments so that it is both pretty and understated / casual. A hard line to walk.

If all goes well with sewing the Dupioni, I hope to buy a bunch more in ivory and re-do the curtains at the sliding glass door in our bedroom (so the window treatments will coordinate, but won’t be all matchy-matchy).

If only we could pick an actual color scheme for that room… I could paint! Alas, I am feeling quite thwarted by the walls in our new house. They want to be painted, I’m quite sure, but no one can agree on color. In time….

To reward you for reading this whole post, I’ll give you a picture. Remember when was lost two weeks ago? You think she’d learn her lesson, but no. This was taken not 12 hours after being released from the hall closet:

In her defense, it was a totally different closet. 10 feet from the other one.