We totally can’t make outgoing phone calls today at work. Our system is broken that way. (Incoming calls – totally fine. Lucky me.)

I realize blogging has been sparse. Do I need to say that I just haven’t had much to say lately? And I’ve been tired. Feeling pretty good today, actually. Last week was long. Lovely, but tiring. House guests, out of town relatives, and a Sunday afternoon spent with more relatives. Good stuff, but I need my alone time. Conveniently, the lawn did get mowed, our living room couch now has two pillows on it (with invisible zippers), no one died or was injured (or starved to death, despite what our cats might tell you), and I even found a few hours to go to JoAnn on Saturday night (which was, in itself, exhausting – picking out fabric to recover chairs is not really as fun as it should be).

I do have some pictures, so I’ll try to find the creativity to write about the last few days and throw some pictures in. Don’t want to bore you too much.