today for…

… caramel.

… linen pants.

… the foresight to have set up a vacation day tomorrow.

… machines that work the way they’re supposed to (copiers, sewing, cars, etc).

… readily available sources of sugar and chocolate.

… the color green.

… ThermaCare heat pads.

… public transportation.

… the former Seasonal Concepts building that is being converted to a Goodwill (current closest Goodwill: 8 miles, back where we used to live; new Goodwill: 1.5 miles).

2 comments to Thankful

  • Liz

    I’m thankful for your donation to Bolder Options!

    Thanks for being my first online donation as well!

    • You’re welcome! Sorry it took us so long! The donation envelope got lost in the move…. 🙂 Hope your party went well this weekend!