You know, I wouldn’t mind providing technical support for co-workers nearly as much if they didn’t steal my office supplies while doing so.

I didn’t intend to be quiet on the blog front for so long. I woke up early Monday morning unable to move my head due to a really bad neck pain. I mean, seriously bad. I had a hard time getting out of bed to get Advil. It took me a while to shower (bending over to turn on the water wasn’t happening), but I was hoping that the hot water would help. Alas, it did not. I stayed home, lounging on the couch most of the morning.

It’s gotten better, but it’s still not good.  A heating pad and copious amounts of Advil are getting me through work today.

Consequently, I’m a tiny bit backed up at work (note to self: what is the first thing you should do when returning to work after being away? the correct answer is not: check your email. it will only upset you), the tasks I have are taking longer than usual, and I’m super tired too (it is quite exhausting to lay awake in bed unable to move – trust me). Oh well. This too shall pass.

We have house guests this week, and I have family in town this weekend. Busy, busy. Fortunately, it’s now a 3-day work week for me (with yesterday being a sick day, and my already-planned-for vacation day on Friday). So, yay!

The Farmer’s Market rewarded me today with good looking cauliflower, green beans, and Brussels sprouts (I went to buy carrots for ). No baby red potatoes or lettuce though.