Friday Fill-Ins

  1. It’s time for a new desktop wallpaper, I think.
  2. Most days, I really enjoy Tastespotting; it’s not a bad place for inspiration, if you really can’t decide what to make for Grandma, her boyfriend, and for lunch a week from Saturday. [Editor’s note: Good Lord, I just realized that maybe ‘s boyfriend is also coming. Both boyfriends have the same name. And I’m having a very difficult time figuring out what can be made in advance but still be fancy enough for lunch with Grandma, if you know what I mean. Maybe you don’t. But if you know my grandma, you know.
  3. I must be the friendliest person ever while asleep – the cats just adore me and I frequently half-wake-up and pet them for a few minutes. What’s up with that? That’s probably why I’m so grumpy upon waking up.
  4. Grace is the best thing I have ever known.
  5. My cat is simply stupid and worrisome; didn’t she ever hear that curiosity killed the cat?*
  6. The last time I laughed really loudly was when I read what Ohio prohibits on Sundays [link removed].
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to opening a bottle of wine, tomorrow my plans include a hair appointment and getting the basement rooms ready for guests and Sunday, I want to relax, or use my sewing machine (it’s a toss-up)!

*This morning, we could not find . It was odd that she didn’t come out when they were fed (she’s always starving), and she didn’t sleep at my foot of the bed like usual. We looked all around the house to no avail. went outside to look (which is just a horrifying prospect, her getting out), while I tried to think of the places that she tries to get inside of. She wasn’t in the closet that leads to the attic, but she was in the hall closet that holds my bathroom stuff. She was very thankful to be let out (though she hadn’t made a noise before that, or perhaps she did – her mew is very small), starving, and I don’t think she left any messes in the closet. I’d like to think that this experience will stop her the next time she tries to get in that closet (which is every single time I open it, always a different shelf that needs exploring), but I doubt that will be the case. She probably got the best sleep she’s had in years – all that dark, coziness with a closed door, in a very small space? (She is quite shy and skittish.) Needless to say, I missed my bus.

Notice how I didn’t say that I felt bad about it (her getting locked in the closet overnight, that is)?

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