A little yardwork

One of my aunts was in town last week, and so she came over with to see our new house. As a housewarming gift, she gave us a color-changing hydrangea (they’re so cool – check out this website [link removed] for info), which would live best on the south side of the house (full sun and all). pointed out that it would look best right where the hideously ugly rose bushes (that were slated to be removed next year) reside. And thus, yard work was created.

If you’ll remember, this is what the rose bushes (and lilac bushes) looked like.

So on Saturday, while started pruning the lilac bushes (more on that later in the week), I trimmed the roses back to stumps. These were particularly nasty roses, as they were super-thorny and couldn’t be touched anywhere but on the leaves.

Rose bushes cut down to stumps.

Sunday, we dug out those stumps. To be fair, dug out the left two, and I can only take credit for the one on the right.

Rose bush stumps removed.

And that’s where I’ll have to end this story today (because that’s where my pictures end). Be assured, we have more plans, and I’ll have a picture of our new hydrangea bush soon.