I am…

…desperately in need of a haircut.

… quite bored.

… pretending to be in charge today. Sadly, that too is boring.

… in need of a birthday gift for (whose birthday is Tuesday).

… being ignored by several of my advisors at Metro State. At the moment, it appears that I am taking the fall off, which is not what I want.

I have…

… almost completed the top of the test quilt. Just one strip left to sew on (but it was 10:40 and I needed to go to bed).

… disconnected my Twitter account from Facebook. Now I need to come up with two (!) clever things to say each morning. On the up side, it means I can Twitter things that I don’t want to appear on Facebook.

… eaten far too many Caramel Nut Clusters this week, and I don’t care. Also, I have had an apple with Nutella for lunch every day this week.

… sent at least one snarky email today.

… collected quite a few Twitter followers. And by “quite a few,” I mean that more are following me than I am following. And they’re not all spammers, either.

I will…

… be spending part of this weekend at a cabin [almost] on a lake (‘s mom’s). Since it is unseasonably cold, I’m starting to doubt that there will be any boating.

… hopefully get to take a nap on Sunday afternoon. *fingers crossed*

… try a bit harder not to be annoyed with all the [loud] conversation that is happening in the office today. What happened to my [almost uncomfortably] quiet office?

… find something creative to do on the drive to Wisconsin. I had hoped it would be sewing the binding on the quilt, but I’m not at that stage yet.