Instead of a boring post where I complain that life is boring… I will come up with a creative (and hopefully inspiring) list.

Instead of getting frustrated with my co-workers… I will remember that we all have difficulties sometimes, and we all want understanding.

Instead of not eating lunch and then feeling nauseous in the afternoon… I will eat my apple (with Nutella!) and some caramel-nut clusters (Walgreens brand – they’re too good).

Instead of spending the evening sewing like I want to… I will spend it making the potstickers I should have made last night (because while the sewing needs to be done by the 22nd, the raw meat in the fridge will go bad before then).

Instead of spending last night sewing while watching McLeod’s Daughters (which has just arrived on Netflix watch instantly, and I cannot tell you how happy I am about that)… I pulled gross stuff out of the vacuum cleaner so that it would actually work, and then vacuumed.

Instead of complaining about practicing scales in my Hanon book last night (which are, arguably, tedious)… I will be happy that my playing has gotten better as a result.

Instead of lamenting about all the creative things I’d rather be doing right now… I’ll take joy in the inspiration that comes via the internet (oh, the inspiration!).

What are your “insteads” today?