Today, I’m thankful for…

… remembering to be thankful on Thursday!

… Coffeemate Italian Sweet Cream creamer.

… in-house washer and dryer, and in a location where the noise they make (which is minimal anyways) doesn’t interfere with regular life. Also, they’re high-efficiency and much more eco-friendly than any other washer and dryer I’ve ever used.

… the ice maker in our refrigerator  (and really, all ice makers). It seems like barbarism that I used to have to take cubes out of a tray and then refill the tray with cold water to make new ice cubes. I’m sure I’m much more productive with those 30 seconds of my life back.

… conditioner.

… all the old trees in my neighborhood. They make me happy.

… our dishwasher. I would not make a very good 1940s housewife (in fact, I would probably have killed several husbands by now if I had to live under those circumstances).

… kitten-heeled sandals. And capris. The combination is perfect (and makes my legs look great).

… public transportation. The extra half hour I had this morning to work on the embroidery project really helped my progress.

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