Despite the fact that all our floors are still in need of vacuuming, sheets need to be washed, the refrigerator is full of expired food, and the three boxes of clothing stacked up in our bedroom (that I keep promising to put away) remain where they’ve been for the past two months, I really was productive this weekend. I swear! I just… apparently chose to do only the fun things and none of the grown-up supposed-to things. Can’t win them all.

First, let me say that I adore 3-day weekends. There was a small problem with this one, in that I thought it began on Friday, and have been perpetually off one day ever since. I am going to be very sad this Friday when I realize I have to go to work. After a fairly quick bout with stomach illness Thursday night (during which I 1) wished to die, and 2) wished I knew how to throw up), which kept me up later than I preferred, I startlingly woke up early on Friday. Boo to that, I say. However, there was no getting back to sleep. So, I set out to cut the fabric I needed to finish a mini quilt for a swap and also for the Robert Kaufman test quilt.

and came over for lunch and the four of us ( came with) went out to Chipotle, after I was showered with birthday gifts (it’s like the holiday that never ends around here!). Then and I drove up to the always-awesome-though-completely-intimidating-and-a-bit-claustrophobic SR Harris to again attempt to find the fabrics we were looking for. We searched for blue and yellow fabric for ‘s kitchen re-do, and instead bought some green eyelet. (She painted on Sunday, and she loves the new colors, so the about-face was a good decision – I’m sure she doesn’t mind me telling all of that, since her blog has been long-abandoned.) I continued to look for the perfect fabric to re-cover our dining room chairs in, and again was thwarted. It should be noted that I found dozens of perfect fabrics that I was quite sure would be vetoed by due to their pink or otherwise girly nature. Alas, taking someone else’s opinion into consideration while decorating is not always easy (but always the way to go – I’ve lived in places that didn’t feel like “me,” and I don’t want to put anyone else in that situation).

Saturday I got my much-needed sleeping-in (and repeated this on Sunday), and then spent most of the day working on the Robert Kaufman test quilt, all the while making notes for feedback. We walked over to Veteran’s Park (~2 miles) to see the fireworks (our neighbors rode their bikes, and it seems like most of the city walked over, though there were plenty of streets packed with cars too – for a city of only 35,000, there sure was a huge turnout), which did not disappoint. Very excellent, and we will definitely be going back next year (and perhaps arriving a bit early to enjoy the carnival food).

Sunday I kept working on that quilt (all the blocks are now done – I only have the applique stitching left and then I can piece together the top), but I took a break in the afternoon to weed. I know, exciting. I wore my big floppy hat and stayed ahead (or behind) of the sun, and thus, though I didn’t have on a speck of sunscreen, didn’t get even a hint of color in my skin. We sure do have a lot of shade at our house. The bushes/shrubs are also now all pruned back from the grass line so we can attempt to grow grass there (instead of mud). I think I could spend an hour a day weeding and not be done for several weeks, if ever. Our previously un-tended garden areas are a bit wild and overrun, and though we keep pulling out weeds, they keep coming back. Hopefully one day we’ll get them under control. I am happy to note that our tomato plants and pepper plants are all looking good.

We also (and this is very exciting) hung some things up on the walls. My thread rack is now hanging by my sewing machine, my ironing board holder is on the door, and our wine rack (currently serving only as a wine glass rack, since wine resides in the wine cellar) is up in the dining room. It’s like we live here or something!

So, you see, while I really should have spent a good deal of time vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, clearing out the fridge, and doing laundry, I did manage to get a lot done. There will always be more laundry.

Oh, and because I never did get to that post on Friday, I’ll quickly say that my favorite holiday as a child was (and remains) Christmas. It’s the carols and the family traditions and ornaments and wished-for snow and everything else.