Again I’m remiss for a good title

Yesterday, my Facebook status was “feeling spoiled.” It’s true, I am feeling spoiled these days. Yesterday after dinner I played the piano for a while, and then worked on my new shower curtain the rest of the night. I used fancy decorative stitches and put grommets in, and it’s wonderful! I also learned how to use the automatic buttonholer on the first try (unlike my old machine, which I never did figure out) and sew on a button (a bit more difficult – probably won’t use much).

So, between the love we still have for our new house, the arrival of my beautiful piano, and my new sewing machine that actually works, I’m feeling a bit spoiled. At some point the novelty of it all will wear off, but I think I have a bit longer to honeymoon with these things.

[If it helps any, before dinner last night I filled up our yard waste bin with stuff that had fallen off the trees in the storm and parts of the dead shrubs we’ve removed from the house. And the grommets, while cool in the end, were a bit of a pain, and I’m a little hesitant to have any weight put on them, lest the fabric tear. And I was playing out of my Virtuoso Pianist book, which is basically strengthening/dexterity exercises for your fingers, and my hands were a bit stiff this morning. The good news is that I still have the skill; the bad news is that I need to build that strength back up a bit.]

Today at work has been a little chaotic (with officey things like copiers that I won’t bore you with), but tomorrow will be super-slow with it being the day before a holiday.

Tonight, I’m going to do more weeding and fill up the yard waste bin again. If you combine those last two things, you’ll realize that any posting tomorrow might be incredibly boring.

If you want to help me not have a completely boring post, please suggest something in the comments that I can write about. I was thinking a story from my childhood, but I can’t really remember those without much prompting. So, feel free to prompt. Examples: age 5; bubble gum; staying home from school sick…. I’m sure you can come up with better prompts than that.

2 Replies to “Again I’m remiss for a good title”

  1. I have enjoyed reading your posts about 100 different things about you… and have noticed they haven’t been updated since 2007. So, you could tell us about new things about you since then, or tell us about your favorite holiday as a child. How do those sound for two ideas for tomorrow? And I’m jealous about your sewing machine…

  2. Carmen, thanks for the great ideas! I had kinda forgotten about my 100 things lists. I updated them right after getting married, and then…. yeah.

    Off to think about what to post….

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