~At Last….~

Last night, we drove down to Creative Sewing Center to buy a new sewing machine. I was prepared to spend $590 on the Brother Innov’is 80 (which is actually on the low end of sewing machines you can purchase that won’t turn out to be crap), but when we got there, we were informed that prices had changed since I’d been there last (24 hours ago). The Innov’is 80 was now $580, but it’s big sister, the NX-250, was now $599 (instead of $799). For that extra $10, I got a full-size machine (the Innov’is 80 is a 3/4), a more powerful motor, more arm space (important when thinking about quilting), and a dust cover. OK, there are lots of other things too, but I don’t want to bore you with details. I did lose the slightly nicer button interface, but after using the NX-250 for 3 or 4 minutes, found that it was a non-issue.

Brother NX-250

Beautiful, no? I picked up a walking foot while we were there, because I knew I’d need it right away. I’ve since browsed eBay for additional feet and have found much better prices, so if I’m interested in a ruffler or cut-away foot, I know where to go. (The ruffler part was a joke. I wouldn’t really make things with ruffles.) That’s a bit of a bummer only because I get a 10% off discount on accessories for the next year at CSC.

It took a bit of time to get thread in there correctly (it is not actually all that hard, it just seems that way at first, especially when you’re supposed to be holding part of the thread in one hand, moving it about with the other hand, and looking at the instruction booklet which is being held open by the third hand that you don’t have), and then we took her for a test drive (aren’t all sewing machines girls?).

I realize it's hard to see the white stitching on such a bright and boldly patterned fabric, but it was the scrap I grabbed. Lovely, and so easy.

So I just dove in and got to work.

Finished a large part of my new shower curtain (still needs grommets, side hems, and a gathering-type-something at the bottom).

My new shower curtain will look just lovely on that new shower curtain rod that I keep forgetting to show you.

I also got to work on my project for the Mini Quilt in a Bag Swap 4. Here's a sneak peak for my partner, who lives in Germany!

While I was taking pictures, I decided to get a shot that proves I really have completed 60 nine patches.

I haven’t had the right setting / lighting to take individual pictures yet, but this is the stack of #s 38-60.

And, lastly, I finally remembered to take a picture of the finished paint job in my office. Of course, my office is a bit messy still, so it’s just a small glimpse, but I think it adequately represents what it looks like.

Finished paint job in my office.

The fabric / project arrived yesterday from Robert Kaufman Fabrics, so I have that to dive into, as well as getting that mini quilt done (the deadline is coming up quickly). Maybe after those two deadlines I can think about doing the artwork on the walls.

I cannot tell you how happy I am that I could just sit down and sew with my machine last night and not have to worry about what my stitches looked like! I kept checking the back of my work, just to be sure, but there was no need. Perfect stitches! Much better than the “this will have to do” stitches my old machine makes.