1 RV + 4 dogs + 2 nephews + 2 out of town guests = one great [and tiring] weekend

The weekend was truly wonderful, and one of the most fun ones I’ve had in a while. (It also happened to be exhausting, but that’s OK. I’d rather be tired after having had all that fun, than to miss out on the fun.)

and arrived on Friday night in their RV. Thankfully, the RV fit in our driveway nicely, both width, length, and height-wise. All could now breathe a sigh of relief. and got to work installing a new outlet in the garage for the RV, after the obligatory house tour. Dinner was good, and then the evening was pretty much over. They gave us a nice house-warming present (some wine, some wine glasses, and a basket), and my birthday presents were great too (a hand-made bracelet and a check).

Saturday morning I woke up way too early to make coffee cake, but I am so very glad that I did. Aside from the fact that everyone loved it, I am still enjoying it today (with one last piece left for tomorrow), and will lament its loss when it is gone. We took the dogs for a walk through the park (this is why they travel via RV – four dogs complicates accommodations a bit), and then arrived with the boys in tow (no this weekend due to an out-of-town trip).

The next 9 hours were a bit of a blur, but we took lots of pictures, so we’re sure not to forget.

and gave an awesome bubble mower that was definitely a hit.  I have about a billion pictures of him walking through our lawn and driveway pushing the mower around, watching the bubbles, and “refilling” the bubble supply.

"Mowing" the lawn

He really wanted to do the refilling himself (from a giant bottle of solution), but no one thought that was a good idea. As a compromise, he "helped" Grandpa.

I love this shot of him - the expression on his face is so... grown-up!

Back inside, decided that was his new best friend. The two of them played Legos and cars and monkeys in a barrel, and even watched a movie together. is now pronouncing ‘s name with two syllables instead of one, and he can say my name correctly too. He’s getting easier to understand, though there were still instances of, “Go tell your mom so she can translate for me,” which he gladly did.

We didn’t know when we bought this house how special the bay window was, but has shown us its true use.

Perfect for playing with cars and Legos(TM)!

Seriously, the look on both of their faces in this one is too much!

As the day wore on, was increasingly bossy (as a 2-year-old is likely to do), which was mostly cute because it involved him wanting to do stuff with us.

Grant and Prince Charming

didn’t sleep the entire time, but when he’s awake it’s a bit hard to get pictures of him where he’s not covered in spit-up (it’s prolific). Plus, the sleeping pictures are just so much cuter.

Doing what babies do best

I think I'm getting better at taking pictures. What do you think?

There were some meals and more exchanging of birthday presents (‘s birthday is tomorrow), as well as fun with the dogs. No good shots of with , because he started to cry every time held him. Next trip, I guess.

left with the boys and the rest of us were tired enough to go to bed (after cleaning up the kitchen, of course).

Sunday morning was short, as they wanted to get back on the road and home in time to clean the RV and get ready for their next trip.

As they drove away, I could almost hear a collective sigh of relief from my neighbors. Besides the spectacular sight of a giant RV in the driveway, the four dogs make a lot of noise. We tried to keep it to a minimum, but they just get excited easily. Regardless, it was by far the best weekend I’ve had in a long time.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by today and for the advice on the lace knitting… I will take it to heart. I’m a little terrified now what with everything I’ve been told, but I can’t back out now – lol. Your kids are adorable. Two is such a fun age 🙂 I’ve always thought about getting one of those bubble lawn mowers for my daughter… perhaps I’ll go pick one up this week 🙂

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