Today we will all be hiding indoors

(Due to the heat advisory, that is. Are heat advisories new? I don’t remember getting them before. Perhaps I just wasn’t paying attention.)

So I’ve had a fair amount of unpleasant bus experiences, as anyone who rides the bus frequently might. Last week, it was the woman who decided to spend six minutes (I checked my phone because it was so amazing) clipping her nails in the seat in front of me. When she was done, she brushed the clippings off her lap onto the floor. Apparently, she didn’t catch the glaring-in-disgust thing I had going on, because the next day she decided to sit next to me and compliment my embroidery.

Today’s going to be hot, which means that the bus ride home will probably smell like a locker room after the football game (but before any showers might be taken). I would have thought the ride to work would have been relatively safe, but someone hopped on who had incredible odor issues (not like he/she was sick, just… had been sweating for quite some time and needed to shower), at 7 am! And it wasn’t even all that hot yet (only 80-ish, I think). I felt kinda bad for him/her (I was unable to identify which passenger it was, since I wasn’t paying attention until the smell wafted over to where I was sitting), since I can only imagine, as the day goes on, that it will get worse. I hate it when I get all sweaty and think that I might offend others.

Last night, after a lovely [shared] birthday dinner out with friends (in which I received no gifts, oddly enough, though I’m not complaining – I don’t really need gifts), we had a generally unpleasant evening. Apparently when we installed the new programmable thermostat on Sunday (more on this in a bit), something went wrong and the air conditioning wasn’t running. Bummer – the house was 88 when I got home. had picked out a lovely flush-mount touch screen programmable thermostat (to replace the super old one that came with the house) at Home Depot on Saturday. Sunday night was spent cutting a hole in the plaster wall (no fun, though I only watched, and quite messy), after which we discovered there was a stud there (where there shouldn’t have been) which only added more work. As we were hooking up the wires (a complication in and of itself, since we had one more wire than any of the diagrams displayed), one of the screw heads broke off. We figured it wasn’t really a big deal, unless we needed to remove that wire for some reason.

Turns out that screw head was quite important, and was the reason we had no AC. The thermostat thought it was telling the AC to run, but it actually had no way to do that. And so it was hot. Also, in the process, several of the other wires became disconnected.

After had fixed everything, I washed the floor. The dust from the plaster removal had been tracked all over the main floor, and our lovely hardwood floors were looking quite bad (plus, a lot of it was footprints, not just a fine layer), and I knew that I wouldn’t have time to do it tonight (massage appointment), wouldn’t want to do it Wednesday (who wants to scrub the floor on their birthday?), and by Thursday the dust would have just spread further throughout the house. But, it was quite unpleasant to wash the floor in the 80+ degree house with absolutely no breeze, on my hands and knees, sponge in hand. I had to change the water twice; the floors were that dirty. Clearly, we need to buy a mop. (This is problemmatic, since I generally find all mops disgusting as one is unable to get it fully clean between washings.) Any suggestions for mops that cater to germ-o-phobes? Swiffer Wet is completely insufficient to cover more than 10 square feet, and doesn’t do any of it effectively, in my experience. Since we have approximately 1400 square feet of hardwood or linoleum flooring, we need a solution.

There was a trip to DQ that helped us cool down (and we spent the rest of the evening in the basement where it was much cooler). Unfortunately, I think I can no longer get my favorite Blizzard flavor, Georgia Mud Fudge, because I lay in bed awake for quite some time, unable to sleep. Update: I just checked DQ’s website and got the nutritional information, and there isn’t coffee flavoring in it like I thought, just lots of chocolate. Would lots of chocolate have enough caffeine to keep me awake? I’m getting mixed information from the internet on that.

Thankfully, we have a lovely ceiling fan in our bedroom (totally disproving all those home design shows that purport all ceiling fans are bad and need to be removed), so we could sleep. The house was freezing (or so it felt) when I woke up, so clearly all has been fixed. My office is very air conditioned, as usual, so we’re definitely beating the heat here. Now I just have to remember to check on our newly planted tomato plants when I get home, and make sure they’re not wilting or in need of water. That would be a shame. (It seems as though the bunny has not yet found the tomato plants, or our bunny doesn’t like them as much as the one at ‘s house, who ate three of her tomato plants before she got some protection for them.)