Finding the Silver Lining

OK, so, yes, it’s been hot out lately, and it’s only getting hotter. I will whine and complain about that later. For a moment, let’s find the silver lining in this. That silver lining is… sweat.

Yes, I am generally not a fan of 1) other person’s sweat near or on my person, 2) the odor of some sweat, or 3) being sweaty for no good reason (I break out in nervous sweats when on the phone – haven’t been able to figure that out, but it has been happening consistently for years, whenever I’m on the phone except for at work, even if I’m on the phone with ).

But, sweating is a good thing. If there’s a nice breeze, and it’s not too humid, it accomplishes its purpose of cooling. More than that, sweat apparently helps cleanse your body, as it gets rid of unwanted stuff in your body. (Dr. Weil also says that it improves circulation, which is a good thing.) Plus, sweating always makes me thirsty, and drinking more water is always a good thing in my book (since it’s quite rare that one would actually drink enough to get water poisoning). And, while technically one doesn’t lose weight just from sweating (only water weight, which doesn’t count), I do think that generally sweating helps one to be aware of how strenuous the work one is doing (for instance, my earlier-noted floor washing).

I will now await the comments from , who will correct all of my medically-related errors, because she knows this stuff and I don’t.

p.s. You don’t love me any less, now that I’ve spent several paragraphs talking about sweating, do you?

2 Replies to “Finding the Silver Lining”

  1. You are right, water poisoning is rare. It takes something more than JUST a lot of water to make it happen. Either an electrolyte imbalance (like losing a lot of salt from running a long way) or poorly functioning kidneys.

    You are not likely to have those extenuating circumstances, in the near future. The worst you would manage is making yourself spend a lot of time in the bathroom.

  2. Nothing wrong with spending a little more time in the bathroom. It means taking a few more breaks at work, getting off my duff, walking around…. all things I need more of.

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