I’m really starting to resent having to come up with clever titles

This weekend, not only did I get caught up on the quilt-a-long (yesterday was day 56), but I got ahead (completing 60 squares, with the small exception of not squaring them up at the end – but they’re all sewn and pressed)!

And came over and worked tirelessly on our yard. She pulled weeds in the lawn and several rock beds. We trimmed some bushes, and decided another one was dead (so we pruned it down to a stump, and now and I have to dig it up). She got the back pathway completely clear of debris and leaves, including the window wells. The woman was a workhorse! She also told us how to get rid of the creeping charlie (that I didn’t know we had – bad me, I’ve dealt with it before), gave us a wheelbarrow, and promised to give us a small gas can and a ladder (the latter of those being extremely exciting, because they’re really expensive if you want to get the kind that is both tall enough to reach the roof and safe to use around power lines). We got the tomatoes planted, and prepped a spot for the peppers, which involved digging up a rose bush (the “good” rose bush, which was just starting to have buds) and giving it to to take home. Have I mentioned I’m not really a fan of roses? Especially rose bushes. The other three at our house are, quite possibly, the ugliest rose bushes I have ever seen, and they are fated to be removed from our property.

I got my birthday present from , and then ‘s dad came over and gave me a shirt advertising the website whopooped.org.It’s actually for the Minnesota Zoo, so it’s cute, though I’m not sure where I would ever wear it. It would make for a very un-romantic night shirt, don’t you think?

Unfortunately, pictures of the yard work, gifts, and quilting will have to wait for another day, because I didn’t take any.

Sunday was ‘s birthday, as well as Father’s Day. We went out to lunch with ‘s dad; I tried to call twice and he didn’t pick up, so he just got a message (and a card). It rained most of the day, which was good for the lawn but bad for getting any more planting done, or spray-painting. and I both worked on spray paint projects; he turned some shelves for the server rack black, and I primed these guys (they’re looking much better than they did). If it dries out a bit, I might be able to show you a finished product soon.

I’m still tired and sore from Saturday, but I’ll live. I could use some yoga, but I’ll have to settle for a massage tomorrow night. (I love that Massage Envy calls me up when I have more than one massage saved up to schedule an appointment – woudn’t it be nice if the gym did that? “Excuse me, miss, but it appears you haven’t visited one of our facilities in three months. Would you like to cancel your membership, or would you like someone to drive over to your house and take you to the gym?”)