For, like, the billionth Friday afternoon in a row, I have a headache. Grr. I can safely say that it is not food, water, stress, or caffeine-related, so it must be sleep. Ah, how I love sleep. I would love some right now. An hour ago, my legs were restless, to give you some idea of how much I’d like some sleep (when my legs start getting restless, it’s time to go to bed).

It’s not that I’ve been particularly sleep-deprived this week, because other than Sunday night’s bout with insomnia (which I think I can blame on Lipton Instant Iced Tea, which has caffeine in it, and I decided I didn’t care, and that was a mistake), I’ve been getting to bed on time and sleeping through the night.

The home projects have slowed down too, so I’m not exhausted from work. (Have I done any home projects this week yet? Aside from getting the perennials in the shade garden planted, nope. I’ll make up for it tomorrow in yard work.)

So, I’m just tired. That’s OK, I guess. The headaches are starting to drag on me, though. (This being the… fourth day in a row that I’ve taken Advil at least once – some days it’s been three times, mostly related to shoulder/back pain. My liver wishes that the rest of my body would fix itself, because it needs a break. Good thing I haven’t had any liquor lately.)

Last night after dinner, and I hopped in the car to go get a library card and check out a new thrift store. Unfortunately, the library closes at 5 on Thursdays (go figure – we would have been fine on Monday through Wednesday until 8), so that was a bust. The thrift store was one up on Penn that passes daily, and they had a sign up saying that furniture was… some percentage off on Thursday. It was a small little place, and was filled mainly with clothes (as most thrift stores are). There were some home goods, no linens that I saw, and three or four pieces of furniture. Very disappointing. I wouldn’t have gone to all the work of putting up a sign for that small quantity of furniture. Since we didn’t want the whole trip to be fruitless, we stopped at the other thrift store down the street. Much larger, and a much better selection of items. We still didn’t find anything ( was in search of something in the rooster variety, and though we found a lamp, it wasn’t exactly right, and I was half-heartedly looking for furniture to refinish), but at least felt vaguely productive.

Back home, continued his work on our server rack situation, which I can’t talk about for lack of 1) knowledge, and 2) caring (OK, I care slightly, as in, this blog is hosted on said server, and I like having internet at home). Meanwhile, I got to work on my nine patches (more than halfway through step 1 of 3 on the remaining 38 – huge progress).

Later, we popped in Elizabeth, which had arrived that day from Netflix. About 2/3rds of the way through, I realized that I’d actually watched it before. I hate it when that happens. It did have the ever-so-dreamy Joseph Fiennes, so totally worth it.

I’ve also completed a few embroidery pieces this week, but they’re un-photographed, so I’ll have to share them later.

volunteered her Saturday to come over to our house and do more yard work, and who am I to deprive her of that? Hopefully we can tackle the north yard, which hasn’t been weeded yet. called last night and when I told him about all the rocks in our gardens, he said, “ooh, those are awful.” At least I’m not the only one who thinks they’re a bad idea. Maybe that thought will help sustain my energy throughout the long, arduous process of removing them (which I’ve heard will be horrible, and I can imagine the awfulness of it all).