Rain, rain, don’t go away

Here’s hoping it rains today. *fingers crossed*

Last night after dinner, I made a quick trip to Target and managed to buy a large plastic bin that’s bottom is completely broken out. Now I have to go exchange it for a working one.

I got some more nine patches worked on (six mostly completed – just ironing and squaring up, and another 12 mostly pieced), but no pictures. I also made up tonight’s dinner in the crock pot, though I’ve just realized that it’s still sitting in the fridge (and not cooking on the counter, where it should be).

Tonight, we’re hoping that it stays / gets cool, so that we can work on the garage some more. It’s getting there, really. We need to Craigslist some things (boxes, glass shower door), and somehow tackle the large recycling and trash piles, but those will have to wait. Conveniently, it’s a huge garage, and it’s summertime, so there’s no rush to get our cars inside.

The headache I had yesterday from 2 pm until bedtime did not return this morning, and for that I am thankful. I think it was due to the miniscule quantity of sleep I got Sunday night. I slept well last night, so I’m feeling better today. I also feel good because 1) I’m finally crafting again, 2) I remembered to send a Father’s Day card out, and 3) I figured out a birthday present for a girl whose birthday is three days before mine (aka ). (Now if only we can figure out a Father’s Day gift for ‘s dad and a birthday gift for .)

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